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Challenger Council Biography, President

Name: Harry L. Bryden

Affiliation: University of Southampton, School of Ocean and Earth Science

My role on the Challenger Council:

President, 2010-2012 Chair Council Meetings, responsible for Policy Portfolio

How I got into science?

I always thought I would be a teacher, probably a Maths teacher. But then an opportunity of a summer post in oceanography came up and I thought I would try marine science until it became too difficult or no longer interesting. 40 years on I am still waiting to start teaching Maths.

Who inspires me?

In the beginning Henry Stommel and Nick Fofonoff inspired me. But over time it has been my present and past Ph.D. students┬╣ enthusiasm and achievements that provide continued inspiration. Answering important scientific questions when we were not even sure whether they could be answered provides greatest satisfaction

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