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 Carbon cycle/nitrogen and phosphorus cycles
 Climate/global warming/sea-level rise
 Ecosystems/ecology/food webs
 Geology/geophysics/tectonics/hydrothermal vents/seeps
 History (including 20th century)
 Marine biology
 Marine chemistry/biochemistry/biogeochemistry
 Marine science and art/media/culture
 North Sea and other waters off British Isles/Europe
 Ocean acidification
 Physical oceanography/ocean circulation/dynamics
 Policy/management/socio-economic issues
 Pollution/sea-bed disturbance/harmful algal blooms/alien species
 Renewable energy (all kinds)


 Air–sea interaction/weather
 Arctic/Antarctic/high latitude/ice
 Bottom dwellers/benthic organisms/seaweed
 Challenger Expedition/Reports
 Commercial aspects/marine engineering
 Communication/knowledge exchange/education
 Continental shelf/margin/sea lochs/fjords
 Corals (tropical and cold-water)
 Deep ocean/sea-bed
 El Niño (and other climate cycles)
 Estuaries/salt marshes/coastal sediments/deltas
 Exploratory voyages/early hydrography/naval oceanography
 Institutions/research vessels/infrastructure
 Instrumentation/technology/research tools
 Law of the Sea/UNCLOS
 Marine mammals (whales, seals, manatees etc.)
 Oceanographic collections/time-series/databases (incl. on maps)
 Oceanographic programmes (BOFS, AMT etc.)
 Palaeoceanography/marine fossils
 Policy/management/socio-economic issues
 Satellite images/remote sensing
 Sea-floor mapping/sea-bed topography
 Sea-floor sediments
 Seabirds/marine predators
 Sound/light in the ocean/ sound pollution
 Tropical/equatorial waters

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Satcom Forum, 9th-11th October 2018 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

You are invited on behalf of the World Meteorological Organisation and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, to the meeting of the Satcom Forum, 9th-11th October in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


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New edition of Ocean Challenge is available for download

We are very pleased to announce that the new edition of Ocean Challenge V22 No.2 is available for download. 


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Sea Level SIG Meeting - Registration/Abstract submission open

2nd-4th July 2018 the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level will be hosting an international conference on sea-level at NOC and the University of Liverpool. We're already receiving abstracts for speakers and posters, so make sure you submit yours soon - abstract deadline is the 30th March. 


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