What are the benefits of joining The Challenger Society for Marine Science?

  • You join the UK community of marine practitioners, scientists, postgraduate students and other professionals
  • You receive the Society's journal, Ocean Challenge, and Challenge Wave, the Society's monthly newsletter
  • You find out about people, news, events and employment opportunities in marine science and you are provided with informed articles on topical issues
  • You will learn about the exciting discoveries that have radically altered our view of the oceans and the part they play in our lives
  • You find out how interdisciplinary teams of marine scientists are studying critical issues such as the impact of human activity on global oceans and climate, rises in sea level and sustainable use of resources in the ocean
  • You are able to attend, at reduced rates, the biennial Challenger conference and a range of other scientific meetings supported by the Society including a range of active special interest groups.
  • You are eligible for travel awards and other Society fellowships and awards
  • You will join a Society that provides a collective voice to represent the interests of marine scientists in the wider public debate and in political and policy consultations

How much does it cost?

There are five categories of membership:
The subscription runs for a 12 month period from your date of subscription.

  1. Student Member                      £25 per year
  2. Retired Member                       £25 per year
  3. Ordinary Member                     £50 per year
  4. Honorary Life Member             Free of Charge       
  5. Corporate Membership            £150 per year
  6. Library membership                  £40 per year


You can pay your subscription by Paypal or by Direct Bank Transfer.

If you have questions regarding Challenger Society membership please contact Dr Chelsey Baker (