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======= Sea-Level Futures Conference, Liverpool, UK, 2nd-4th July 2018 ========
==========  Abstract Submissions and Registration Now Open ============

In July this year the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level will be hosting an international conference on sea-level at NOC and the University of Liverpool. We will be welcoming some fantastic Keynote Speakers: Anny Cazenave from ISSI Bern, Sanke Dangendorf of the University of Siegen, Begona Perez Gomez from Puertos del Estado, Richard Greatbatch from Kiel, Benoit Meyssignac from CNES in Toulouse and Mark Merrifield at Scripps. We're already receiving abstracts for other speakers and posters, so make sure you submit yours soon - abstract deadline is the 30th March.

There'll be sessions (provisionally) on:

Sea level observations: present and future Eg: Role of PSMSL in sea level research;  Present day tide gauge observing systems (GLOSS, EuroGOOS and GGOS); Present and future of space observations (e.g. coastal altimetry, mass changes in the ocean, changes in the cryosphere); Space geodesy for sea level.

Modelling of regional sea level and its contributors Eg: Challenges in modelling of sea level; Ocean heat content; Progress in modelling of the contribution from the cryosphere; Vertical land movement.

Understanding of regional sea level rise and variability (multiple data synthesis, novel methods, synthesis of observations and models) Eg: Drivers of regional sea level rise and variability; Novel methods and multiple data synthesis for sea level reconstructions (including paleo data); Use of advance techniques for attribution of regional sea level variability.

Coastal sea level rise and variability Eg: Extreme sea levels in coastal area (observations and modelling); Sea level variability at the coast: the role of waves; Advance in coastal sea level projections; Impact of sea level rise in coastal areas

We'll be hosting a couple of side meetings on the Monday, then starting the conference with a reception Monday evening, with the plenary talks and posters Tuesday-Wednesday.

Early Bird registration, by 20th March, is £100, and registration closes 30th April.

Thanks to sponsorship from ESA and the Challenger Society, we are able to offer a limited number of travel bursaries. To apply, please send a CV and justification for support to

Contact name: Simon Holgate
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