Professor Mike Meredith

I am a seagoing oceanographer focusing on physics, but I love collaborating with biogeochemists, biologists, and scientists from other disciplines. I lead the Polar Oceans team at BAS and I am professor at Bristol and UHI-SAMS. After degrees at Southampton, I did a postdoc and a stint as a NERC fellow at UEA before joining BAS in 2000 (with “sabbatical” at POL, 2002-2004).

I served as chair of the Southern Ocean Observing System between 2011-2015, currently sit on POGO, and I am the current UK representative for IAPSO. My Media work includes working with BBC on the production of ”Frozen Planet II” and on a Netflix documentary called “Oceans” (both in production).

I was awarded the Tinker-Muse Prize for Science and Policy in Antarctica in2018, the 2018 Challenger Medal, and the 2020 Polar medal

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Ocean Business 2021

Ocean Business 20201

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News items from the NOC Association and the Marine Facilities Advisory Board

The details of the membership of the Decade Working Group (DWG), that was announced at the May 2021 AGM of the NOC Association, are now available:
NOC Association of Marine Science National Capability Beneficiaries | National Oceanography Centre

The March 2021 minutes of the Marine Facilities Advisory Board are available here: Marine_Facilities_Advisory Board_March_2021_minutes.pdf (

Are your institution’s details up to date on the The UK Marine Science and Technology Compendium?  If not, please let the Secretary know.
Secretary to the NOCA and MFAB: Jackie Pearson, National Oceanography Centre

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Report on Impacts of Covid-19

Summary Report on the Impacts of Covid-19 available from the NOCA AGM

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