Robyn Tuerena - Education and Outreach Portfolio (2023-present)

Robyn Tuerena
 is a lecturer in marine biogeochemistry. Her research investigates how marine carbon and nutrient cycles are changing in the context of climate change. She trained as a geochemist using stable isotope measurements to investigate the cycling of nutrients and carbon in the open ocean. She continues to explore marine biogeochemical cycles on local to basin scales using stable isotope, stoichiometric and biomarker techniques and linking this information to ocean physics, primary production and food web ecology. Recently her work has expanded to use autonomous instruments such as Argo floats and biogeochemical sensors to explore ocean processes such as biological drawdown and anthropogenic carbon uptake. 
She started her lectureship at the Scottish Association for Marine Science in 2020, before which she studied her undergraduate at the University of Southampton, PhD at University of Edinburgh and two postdocs at the Universities of Liverpool and Edinburgh. She has taken part in 6 open ocean research cruises from the Drake passage in the Southern Ocean, the subtropical Atlantic and into the Arctic Ocean. She has two young children and enjoys getting young people intrigued in earth system science and teaching anyone who is interested about ocean processes and their interactions with the Earth’s climate. 

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FMRI: Science Requirements Framework - webinar

The Future Marine Research Infrastructure programme (FMRI) aims to develop and deliver the Natural Environment Research Council’s (NERC) strategic investment in the next generation of large-scale, marine research infrastructure. The programme is working towards a high-value UKRI Infrastructure Fund bid and is part of the UK Government’s Major Projects Portfolio.

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MEDIN Training Survey

Have you ever attended, or considered attending, a MEDIN training workshop (‘Marine data management, governance and the MEDIN toolset’), or other training in marine data management? If so, the MEDIN would love to hear from you! The MEDIN is gathering stakeholder requirements to improve the training workshop on marine data management, governance and the MEDIN toolset.


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